An English teacher in a two-year technical college has several students in his c

An English teacher in a two-year technical college has several students in his composition course whose ignorance of the English language has proved invincible. He has given them extra work and extra counseling from the first week of the semester. They have been diligent in their efforts to improve. Though they are in a construction technology program and will undoubtedly be employed in jobs that require little writing skill, the composition course is required for graduation. In the instructor’s judgment, the students would not be able to pass the course legitimately if they took it three times, so he raises their F grades to Ds.
Please go in-depth, on the parties at stake, the moral issue, etc. I am begging you to read the directions in the screen shot.


Submissions without this cover page will NOT be accepted. Assignment Question

Submissions without this cover page will NOT be accepted.

Assignment Questions:(Marks: 15)
A company issued 10-year bonds three years ago with a coupon of 7 percent. If the current market rate is 8 percent and the bonds make annual coupon payments, what is the current market value of one of these bonds? what is the current market value of one of these bonds if it was a zero-coupon rate? (2.5 Marks)
ABC company is growing at a constant rate of 7 percent every year. Last week the company paid a dividend of $1.8. If dividends are expected to grow at the same rate as the fi rm and the required rate of return is 12 percent, what should be the stock’s price four years from now? (2.5 Marks)
XYZ company is considering developing new computer software. Th e cost of development will be $775,000 and management expects the net cash flow from sale of the software to be $200,000 for each of the next six years. If the discount rate is 13 percent, what is the net present value and payback period of this project? (2.5 Marks)
A chemical company is considering buying a magic fan for its plant. Th e magic fan is expected to work forever and help cool the machines in the plant and, hence, reduce their maintenance costs by $6,000 per year. Th e cost of the fan is $50,000. Th e appropriate discount rate is 10 percent, and the marginal tax rate is 35 percent. Should the company buy the magic fan? (2.5 Marks)
Define bond yield to maturity. Why is it important? (2.5 Marks)
Explain why preferred stock is considered to be a hybrid of equity and debt securities? (2.5 Marks)


Who are you? What are the stories that have defined your life? YOUR VALUES: Wri

Who are you? What are the stories that have defined your life?
YOUR VALUES: Write a list of your top 10 personal Values, then narrow it down to the top 3.
OUR CLASS COMMITMENTS: What do you need from the class in order to be Heald and Free? What are you willing to Commit to your classmates?
What are the Values that you want to Embody this Semester?
What do you need from our class in order to feel safe? To be heald and free?


Reflection Paper Review the website and article see how data breaches happen. Co

Reflection Paper
Review the website and article see how data breaches happen. Consider
the nurses’ responsibility in protecting patient privacy when technology is
Online Article:1.
Article 2.

Healthcare Data Breach Statistics

Write a 1-page (TNR 12-point font, double-spaced) reflection about your reaction
to the website and how you plan to protect patient privacy in relation to
technology use in practice.

Linear Algebra

Pratice E–x-a-m Time: 09/02/2023 12:00pm (Brisbane Time) Duration : 2hrs Questi

Pratice E–x-a-m Time: 09/02/2023 12:00pm (Brisbane Time)
Duration : 2hrs
Question structure:
The examination will consist of short answer conceptual questions and practical exercises/problem questions. The questions will be comparable to those covered in class; therefore, the best form of revision will be to work through lecture and tutorial questions, exercises and problems.
Topic covered: Similar to that screenshot attached


Teams will develop Safe Patient Guidelines for the following utilizing computer

Teams will develop Safe Patient Guidelines for the following utilizing computer research:
Create Power Point Presentation (6-8 slides) with information such as: purpose of your Agency and recommendation guidelines for one of the control precautions:
1. Fall Prevention- Use guidelines of The Joint Commission (TJC). The writer should go on the joint commision website and get the information from there. The writer should define joint commission, there purpose,role and there mission. The powerpoint slides should be 6 at list.


Tegan Howard Medical writers have a variety of techniques and skills to perform

Tegan Howard
Medical writers have a variety of techniques and skills to perform when writing. A quote to elaborate on and go more into detail about: “Medical writing is an esteemed profession. Every day, medical writers are detailing, documenting, and sharing news and research that is improving health outcomes and saving lives. Their roles and opportunities are always evolving, whether they’re crafting peer-reviewed articles reporting on clinical trials, marketing cutting-edge devices, educating health care professionals or even the general public about new treatments, or writing grant proposals to fund innovative research” (“Ultimate Guide to Becoming a Medical Writer”, American Medical Writers Association., 2). This quote summarizes some duties and goals that medical writers have. After reading, I understand that medical writing is a profession that a writer has to be skilled enough to document and to revise the information to accurately be able to display research and news to be reported to their audience trying to obtain the information. There are different functions of editing that medical writers have to be aware of while preparing these documents, and this is revision of information and being able to present the information in the most relevant and understanding way possible for the health concerns they are presenting in a document. The other editing skill is minor editing like grammar and punctuation. The data that they are presenting has to be edited and revised so that the statistics and numbers of the studies they are sharing are able to be understood when readers are reviewing the documents about a general health concern or condition. The information also must be ethical, and the medical writers must have marketing skills to make the documents more effective to their readers.
The second article in its abstract section in the beginning, goes further into detail about what duties medical writers have sums up the duties and strengths that a medical writer needs to accurately create and edit these documents. “Medical writing involves writing scientific documents of different types which include regulatory and research-related documents, disease or drug-related educational and promotional literature, publication articles like journal manuscripts and abstracts, content for healthcare websites, health-related magazines or news articles. The scientific information in these documents needs to be presented to suit the level of understanding of the target audience, namely, patients or general public, physicians or the regulators” ( “How to Become a Competent Medical Writer”,Sharma, Suhasini, 1.)
After reading the chosen article, “Expanding Horizons as a Medical Writer”, Clemow, David, two important medical trends I have found was, “Data visualization is now a focus, and it is now often replacing text. Structured and component authoring are becoming a reality, and I will define these for you later in the presentation” (“Expanding Horizons as a Medical Writer”, Clemow, David, 1). The trend of data visualization is something that some readers may find appealing and useful when reviewing information that is presented, I am a visual learner, so I find this method effective for me while reading. Another trend I found was, Structured and component authoring each utilize a different approach to medical writing. Structured authoring is a rules-driven – writing technique to deliver simplified, focused content that increases readability and the ability to find infor­mation” (“Expanding Horizons as a Medical Writer”, Clemow, David, 3). Structured and component authorization is delivering a piece of writing into a report and has a method of rules to follow so that the piece of writing medical writers is documenting is accurate and can perfectly display information received to report in a piece of writing.
Wei Ni
1. “Medical writing is the discipline of writing scientific documents by writers in the field of medicine (“How to Become a Competent Medical Writer” Sharma, Suhasini)”. It is the writing of some pharmaceutical regulatory documents for submission to pharmaceutical regulatory agencies and for publication by physicians or patients. Medical writing is a type of written communication that helps people address some health-related topic and can be read by anyone interested in medicine, science, or the healthcare process. “Medical writers may not be the original scientists who did the actual research, but work with the physicians/scientists involved in the generation of data, and help present the information in an appropriate manner (“How to Become a Competent Medical Writer” Sharma, Suhasini)”. Medical writers will participate in or be responsible for writing medical articles and quality control of various clinical research documents submitted to the drug regulatory department, including but not limited to: clinical research protocols, clinical research reports, investigator manuals, etc. At the same time, they will also participate in or be responsible for the establishment, development and maintenance of writing templates for clinical research protocols, clinical research reports and other related medical documents. For example, after a pharmaceutical company discovers a drug that may be able to treat a disease in laboratory research, it first needs to do various preclinical studies in animals to confirm that the drug is not toxic, and then conduct various clinical trials on humans to verify the drug. Effectiveness and safety. Medical writers can document the study protocol before it begins. When the trial is done, they write a clinical study report. Clinical study protocols and reports are much more complex and can require hundreds or thousands of pages. After all the clinical studies are completed, the pharmaceutical company has to write a comprehensive summary about the drug in accordance with the regulations, and collect and analyze the data to obtain more information. The most important skill and ability you need to be a successful medical writer is to use good technical skills to engage your readers, enables it to communicate well with lay readers. “Embracing innovation trends is important for staying competent, competency in overall medical communications opens doors to opportunity, and medical communication expertise can expand horizons for medical writers and other medical communicators (“Expanding Horizons as a Medical Writer Actions” Clemow, David.)”. They must have strong learning ability and teamwork ability, work proactively and have a sense of responsibility.
2. According to the article of Expanding Horizons as a Medical Writer by David Clemow, it shows “Medical writing trends include increasing digital content, data visualization replacing verbose prose, viable component-based authoring tools, interactive data analysis and visualization tools to aid clinical study data review, and medical writing certification”. I prefer two important writing trends are data visualization replacing verbose prose and medical writing certification. First, data visualization replacing verbose prose because it greatly helps the creative team figure out what needs to be written. It saves the team a lot of time and resources. Second, the establishment of medical writing certification can help medical writers improve their market competitiveness. For example, the Medical Writer Certified (MWC) credentialing program demonstrates that holders of this credential have an understanding of core parts of medical writing. Bring diversity to career paths while maintaining medical competitiveness. At the same time, it is also a proof of their love and professionalism.
MaKayla Grant
“Medical writing involves the development and production of print or digital documents that deal specifically with medicine or health care.” (Ultimate Guide to Becoming a Medical Writer, American Medical Writers Association, 1) After reading this, I now understand more about medical writing and its importance today. Medical writing is about more than just knowing medical terminology. Still, it is being able to understand and express new research, medical study, medical research, etc. the list could go on for a while. Medical writers have to be able to know what they have to write about but also have to be able to change the way they talk or word things to compensate for multiple different types of audiences with varying levels of understanding. Not only do they focus on medical documentation, but they also have many other aspects in which they work; they have to be able to help create medical devices with any and all information needed about diseases, patient information, education and training, and many other things. “Medical communication positions in writing and editing vary greatly across industries, companies, organizations, and other entities. In addition to the title of medical writer, medical communicators may be known as scientific writers, technical writers, regulatory writers, promotional writers, health care marketers, health care journalists, or communication specialists.” ( Ultimate Guide to Becoming a Medical Writer, American Medical Writers Association,3) This quote gives a good idea of what medical writers do; it cannot be summed up in just a sentence, but it does an excellent job of leading into what medical writers do. There are many different categories of medical writing and many other things you could be doing, and medical writing is not just one job. “Every medical writer and editor should be familiar with the professional focus areas in medical communication and should be aware of trends occurring in these areas. AMWA has defined six main professional focus areas, which are described here. You probably are familiar with some of these areas, but you may be unfamiliar with others.” (A Professionals Guide to Advancing Your Career, American Medical Writers Association, 3). The six main categories are Regulatory writing, Scientific publications, Health communication, Education for professionals, Promotional writing, and Grantsmanship. All of these categories have different things they are doing within the medical writing field, and medical writing is not limited to these either; there is still more within this field.

After reading “Expanding Horizons as a Medical Writer” (Clemow, David), I identified multiple Medical writing trends, but the first one I decided to focus on is “Finally, an increasing number of writers are getting certified, and certification is now being recognized by employers.” (Clemow, David, 10) This is important for new Medical Writers to understand because they are more likely to get a job and also more likely to get higher pay if they have some expertise in the medical writing field. Employers are starting to take and pay more for people with a degree or something that jumps out at them for a position in this field. The second medical trend I decided to focus on is “We only remember 20 % of what we read but up to 80% of what we visualize and interact with; thus, as visualization significantly improves engagement, understanding, and retention, the trend is for visualization to replace text and long prose.” (Clemow, David, 9) This is important for new Medical Writers to understand because it tells us that we do not take in most of the information we read; therefore, when creating these documents for people who are reading them to start using more pictures and visually engaging things besides words, so that way when people are reading these medical documents they are taking in and understanding the information that is needed opposed to reading an entire document and only comprehending 20% of it.

Political Science

Pick a policy and write about it. Here is the rubric: Policy Problems Guidelines

Pick a policy and write about it. Here is the rubric:
Policy Problems Guidelines
The purpose of this paper is to identify how a policy came into being. Write as if you are explaining the history of a policy, and how the problem got defined.
-Use Stone’s articulation of how we define problems
-When did this policy get enacted?
-When did the problem begin to exist?
-Who are the big actors in the policy process?
-What is the context for the policy?
-What were the competing interests of the problem?
-What is the history of the issue? When did the issue arise? Has this been a back burner issue or always present?
-How is the issue presented? How might different groups define the problem?
-What is the name of the policy? Is there a shorter name for the policy or did it receive a name from the public ie Amy’s law?
– What level of government does the problem reside? What level of policy is this local, state or federal?
-What type of policy is it? Is it regulatory, distributive, or redistributive? Is it symbolic or substantive?
-Does the policy suggest particular oversight? Does the policy discuss how it will be evaluated? Does the policy allocate money? Does it have a sunset clause?
-Include relevant information, but limit your scope of information. You have to continually ask yourself, is this a NEED to know piece of information, or just interesting to know.
-For research look in newspapers, legislator websites, government documents, policy journals, and official documents for organizations (Interest groups)
-Formal information: This paper will be 5 pages long, double spaced in 12pt Times New Roman font with one-inch margins.


Answer the following questions in your own words, being sure to answer each part

Answer the following questions in your own words, being sure to answer each part of the question with detailed information:
1. What is the Navigation Pane and how is it useful? How do you use the Navigation Pane to find particular words in a document? What are the specific steps involved in replacing text through the use of the Navigation Pane?
2. What are footnotes? What are citations? What is a bibliography? Under what tab in Word do you create each of those items?
1. What is a table, and why would you use one in Word? What are fields in a table? What are rows? How do you create a table?
2. What is a SmartArt graphic? What can you create using SmartArt? What steps do you take to create a SmartArt graphic?
1. What is WordArt? How do you create a WordArt? How do you modify WordArt?
2. What is a picture? What are two ways to put a picture into a Word document? Be sure to give specific details!
1. What is a template? What are some examples of templates in Word? How do you create a new file from a template?
2. What is a thesaurus? What is a synonym? How do you use the thesaurus in Word to replace a word in your document?
1. What is a mail merge? What three files do you need to perform a mail merge? What are the steps involved in performing a mail merge? Be specific!
2. What types of documents you use mail merge to create? List at least three.


Which leadership theory(Servent leardership, Ethical leardership ,Transactional

Which leadership theory(Servent leardership, Ethical leardership ,Transactional leardership) do you relate to most and why?
After reviewing “The Leadership Dilemma” article, choose one of the obstacles from the article and examine it in greater detail. What have you learned about leadership through your professional experiences and educational training that might help others overcome this obstacle? Provide at least two workable suggestions.
The Leadership Dilemma: https://learn-us-east-1-prod-fleet02-xythos.conten…
Please Cite sources using APA format with links